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Our mission is to make equipment and customer data understandable and predictable by recognizing behaviours in the data, diagnosing and predicting problems, and deliver intelligence to business operations in real-time. We are changing the way ICT Ecosystem consumes data analytics solutions by connecting our clients to their equipment and customer data, enabling them to predict, analyse, share and act upon data behaviours, optimising operations, avoiding unplanned incidents and discovering the most relevant customer journeys. & Dublin Technical University paper on IoT Security published

Increasingly, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are being woven into the fabric of our physical world. With this rapidly expanding pervasive deployment of IoT devices and supporting infrastructure, we are fast approaching the point where the existential problem of IoT based cyber-security attacks is a serious threat to industrial operations, business activity and our social interactions that leverage IoT technologies. The number of threats and successful attacks against connected systems using IoT devices and services are increasing. The Internet of Things has several characteristics that present technological challenges to traditional cyber-security techniques. Securing the Internet of Things requires a novel and dynamic security paradigm. This paper describes the challenges of securing the Internet of Things. A discussion detailing the state-of-the-art of IoT security is presented. A novel approach to security detection using streaming data analytics to classify and detect security threats in their early stages is proposed. Implementation methodologies and results of ongoing work to realise this new IoT cyber-security technique for threat detection are presented.

SKB & Team back racing!

Another great day at the races for the SKB Competicion Thingbook Team. Thank you to Manuel Diaz, the engineers and the pilots. Keep the great job up! You guys rock!!


A new Irish tech company that specialises in artificial intelligence to overcome the threat of cyber attacks in Internet of Things (IoT) has been launched today.

The Embassy of México congratulates Zerebro Systems and Thingbook for their strategic alliance that will strengthen the economic ties between Mexico and Ireland.

English: From the Thingbook and Zerebro Systems teams, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation to the ambassador Mr. Miguel Malfavon and the head of the chancellery, Mr. Miguel Eduardo Rea Falcón, for their incredible support. We firmly believe in the mutual benefits of strengthening trade links between both countries in strategic markets such as Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Español: Desde los equipos de Thingbook y Zerebro, queremos expresar nuestra gratitud al embajador Sr Don Miguel Malfavon y al jefe de la cancillería de la Embajada de México en Irlanda, Sr Don Miguel Eduardo Rea Falcón, por su ayuda y apoyo. Estamos firmemente convencidos de los beneficios para Irlanda y México de fortalecer los lazos comerciales entre ambos países en mercados tan importantes como la alta tecnología y la inteligencia artificial. to raise €500,000 to fund cyber security product trials

Start-up of the week:!!

With the buzz around big data and analytics technologies (and despite the investment), many internet of things (IoT) and telecom companies struggle to extract actionable insights from their equipment data.