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When the strange occurs with your data, the unexpected is happening with your business. Thingbook will inform you of any unforeseen situation with your data and will enable you to make the best data-driven decision.

Thinbook is a next-generation Augmented Analytics platform that radically changes the way businesses consume data.

Thinbook works for:

Domain Experts


Software Engineers

Data Scientists

Discover how Automated AI can help you to spot trends and anomalies in your Domain

Make informed investment decision  and create a successful roadmap for AI in your organization

Easily incorporate AI capabilities to your application and start 

Analise Times Series and outliers Models in seconds 


Discover how Thingbook simplifies Data Behaviour Analysis

Thingbook is easy and intuitive self-service analytics that anyone in the organization can use. Without costly data projects, simply put it in and start defining the entities you want to analyse straight away.



Data Exploration

Data Injection

Data Cleaning

Data Normalization

Data Correlation


Real-Time Anomaly detection

Root Cause Analysis

Predictive Behavioural

Best Correction Action


Transparent Result consumption via REST API

Easy Integration

Powerful Data Visualization


Define Physical & Logical sensors

Identify New Behaviours

Discover hidden Dependencies

Compare Equipment Performance

Predict Evolution



1. Connect to the Cluster

Thingbook’ Galileo is the entry point. Either if you execute TB sandbox from the Cloud or on premise, it allows you to define the Streams and interfaces for your sensors. Galileo listens MQTT, REST, Web-Sockets, Kafka messaging and Rabbit-MQ.

2. Analyze, detect and classify behaviours

Thingbook Turing will group sensor’ data and create the prediction models as the data flows. Strong discrepancies with the prediction models will be flagged as anomaly. Turing will allow you to categorize the anomaly and will calculate the similarity score for any new anomaly discovered in the future.

3. Take Pre-emptive Action

Turing will alert when a sensor, or a community of sensors, experiments a behavioural change providing the similarity degree to any anomaly defined previously. This capability allows Thingbook to share knowledge across the entire community of sensors and detect security and operational threats in early stages.

In the nowadays competition of go Karting, every aspect of every car is closely monitored by dozens of sensors. Metrics as lap times, tyre and brake temperatures and engine performance are collected, analysed and predicted behind the scenes to make the optimal decision during the race.

Discover how Thingbook helps the go Karting team SKB to ingest and analyse the streams of telemetry data sent by the multiple sensors onboard. 

Thingbook incident detection solution automatically learns network data’s behavior, even tracking cross-platform data across the RAN, Core and OSS.


By applying patented stream AI technology, we extract sufficient information to detect anomalies, correlate/share Key Performance Indicators (KPI) behaviors, discover new patterns and perform root cause analysis helping Telcos to optimize service levels, minimize overhead costs and maximize profitability, ensuring customer loyalty and maintaining overall network performance.


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