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Empowering Subject Matter Experts and Software Developers to develop and deploy AI models
at scale

Thingbook is a SaaS platform able to Produce, Train, Store and Deploy thousands of Data Behavioural Models, delivering Anomaly Detection, Forecasting and Pattern discovery capabilities for everyone through industrialized AI

It enables Software Developers and Subject Matter Experts to predict, discover, classify and act upon undesired data behaviour in real-time. 

See how it works!

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Anticipate your business decisions based on AI-powered Real-Time monitoring insights.


Reduce Mean Time To Detect and Mean Time to Repair through Industrialized AI /ML analytics.

Real-Time Anomaly

  • Evaluate your data from any possible angle in real time using multiple sensor approach to discover Contextual Anomaly Correlation

  • Get Online Anomaly Score per Feature, Sensor and Pipeline of models

  • Use Automatic Anomaly Accumulation techniques to reduce false Positives/Negatives

The Turing  Behavioural Library



Sensor Behavioural Forecasting

  • Generate complex Contextual Anomaly signatures accumulating scores from thousands of sensors and data sources

  • Store your contextual anomaly signature at the Behavioural library to be used in Real-Time evaluation.  

  • Receive in real-time Behavioural similarity Score and Similarity trend analysis

  • Integrate labelled behaviours and scores in your code using standard API

  • Calculate a score for all the input features for each model and Pipeline of models. Discover when the Importance trend is broken or a “concept drift” creates anomalies

  • Discover the “prediction power” of non-analytical features (not included in any model) to predict:

    • High anomaly scores

    • Specific types of anomalies

    • Specific patterns from the behavioural Dictionary

  • Get automatic alarms when our autonomous forecasting engine predicts a high Anomaly Score or the similarity to critical patterns is consistently increasing

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.
Industrial AI

After a few years of fantasy and unrealistic expectations, artificial intelligence (AI) has leapt to practical reality and is quickly becoming a competitive necessity. It is expectable for new disruptive technologies to take time before getting the maturity to produce predictable, repeatable, and cost-effective business value. Yet, for many industry leaders, fundamental questions remain about what AI can do for their businesses.

At Thingbook, the "industrialisation" of AI, is a central topic and it is at the core of our products. The goal of having an industrialised AI is to accelerate the growth and adoption of AI-assisted automation by reducing the human intervention in the end-to-end process, from raw data to model serving. 

We already enabled our customers to reduce the delivery time up to 74.7% and bring the Total Cost of Ownership down by 68.5% compared with traditional approaches.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of accumulated experience in Data Science and Engineering

>10 k

Real-Time Anomaly Detection Requests per day


Models Trained & productized


Countries Using our Platform WorldWide


Petabytes of data analyzed in Real_Time

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Our Customers & Partners

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Forecasting churn and customizing loyalty and actions


Calculating how much to spend on acquisition and retention is something of a black art. If too many customers...

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Inject your data through a REST API and start getting results in minutes

Thingbook's mission is to enable your Subject Matter Experts and Software Developers to get the maximum from data analysis within the minimum time, from raw data to model serving. 

We transparently integrate with your systems throughout a REST API that can be used and consumed from any programming language or a web browser for data visualisation.

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